lady and tiger

you see how beautifully they work together, how freely she is giving her gifts, when not concerned about the qualities of her carrier, whether he can be trusted with his power, his claws, the sharpness of his canines, you see he is driven by the pleasure her form offers, she, by the act of sharing […]

lady and balloons

she flies wherever she will because she is unafraid, unoppressed, unframed, not ashamed of. i leave her free from a boundary so i can roll her up and carry her with me, drape her wherever a wall stands between me and outside me, a few clips, a few thin strips of stiff paper, and she […]

boy 2

this is how i felt for a good part of my years in saudi, torn free from myself, stripped, laid bare and naked. ‘there is a hole where i used to be’, i once wrote, just before seeing this painting, and bringing it home. if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many can […]

boy 1

you see what can happen to those whose dreams are forbidden, how they lose interest in the beauty around them, now matter how huge it is. this was painted in lhasa, tibet, where after two weeks of travel in an old truck, with lobsang and his friend, sleeping wherever and whenever, i would write: ‘how […]