end of the world, 2 – (sold)

We add pieces to our lives, or place pieces of our lives on shelves, thus dividing ourselves into exhibition zones, where we can say, look, this is me here, and this is me, there. where once was a complete emptiness, a natural state, we create an emptiness that is divided, and fill the divisions with […]


I find satisfaction in connecting the symbols, thus is my religion childish in its vision, linking what has already appeared, to what is appearing, in the workspace of my breathing, the distance between points, become universes of color. what they gecko told me yesterday, the cricket confirmed, the dove, though in agreement, spoke over the […]

end of the world, 1

I have been given contradictions, and asked to choose among them, but rather than choose, I enlarge myself to embrace as truth, all the lives of those who have preceded me, and those who will follow, all the versions of all the stories, from all the perspectives of all the actors, until what were given […]

buddha realm

in this painting from ang sang i asked myself where is the center, then i asked myself where is the beginning, the first brush stroke, the last. where does this painting begin and end, i asked myself, during the 6 months i fell asleep meditating on it, with 4 dogs piled on my futon, on […]


to understand your force, you need to understand your mass, and multiply that by how fast you are moving, and the direction you are being taken. then divide that by a trillion trillions, each of them, each spinning micro-smallness of magnitude, inseparable from all the others, all the rotating and turning, gravity and yearning, and […]


It would never have occurred to me, to tempt my children so thoroughly, they could go astray, or destroy themselves with the attractiveness of a poisonous lure, the only lures I would create, as god, would be lures of the raw, organic vegetable, the whispering delicacy of a feathery nightingale, a hollow flute on a […]