mother goddess of the universe

the bird who woke me up this morning, was the same bird of my childhood, in whom i understood i was not alone in the world, and the world was inside me. though i am 53 now, the bird has lived on within me, migrated over worlds and time, to remind me she takes care […]

Just beyond my reach

someday, i’ll tell you about this. tonight is some day. i first saw it hanging there, not long after i saw her standing there, under its bigger brother, under a load she had tried to dislodge from her heart, but couldn’t, until she came to us, and we pulled it out with a lithe feather, […]

Buddha goes to town

in Thai they say, ‘boiwan’, or ‘let go’ but if i let go, even for a second, all the universe will fall apart. i can feel this in my head, between my ears, just behind something raw, aching, throbbing all day, day, and day day day in sleep the throbbing stops, the grip on the […]