to understand your force, you need to understand your mass,
and multiply that by how fast you are moving,
and the direction you are being taken.

then divide that by a trillion trillions, each of them,
each spinning micro-smallness of magnitude,
inseparable from all the others,
all the rotating and turning,
gravity and yearning,
and you will arrive a number so large,
it contains everyone within it,
even the spiders i saw last night,
white ones climbing on my tent,
they are included in you,
and the tree i watered, she is your mothers greatest wish,
your father’s dream to achieve a version of himself that didn’t suffer,
the morning you played and fell,
the first hum of expansion,
when for some reason or another the continuity was disturbed and we all began to take shape.

we are being propelled, and what shall stop us?