purity – (sold)


so, when this one got away it did so painfully,
it’s not that we sell art, it’s that we build relationships,
or try to, but relationship building is sometimes difficult,
sometimes we think twice after our efforts,
lose sleep,
wonder what she’s doing now,
wonder if our lover is able to sleep,
warm and dry,
cared for,
as admired as they were when in our rooms,
on our walls,
waiting for us when we woke in the morning,
grateful not so much for another day,
but for a sturdy perch, a reliable cable,
a light just in the right place,
when they bathe they ascend up to the moon,
or rather, as i would later see,
they descend from the sky on rivulets of water.

when our lovers leave us we have time to reflect,
often the view is much different,
and what we see is not what we remember,
in this sense memory loss is valuable,
it gives us a chance to see the world in new ways,
and our hearts an opportunity to realize how beautiful she really was,
when her smile greeted us in the morning.