Just sort of floating there


if you float around a lot, sooner or later you’ll end up in the north pacific gyre,
where all the plastic trash of our human lives winds down,
one might think this is a failure of some form, to have arrived in that vortex of garbage,
but floating or not, disciplined or not,
we end up as a pile of ‘garbage’ anyway,
this is the first meditation,
our ultimate outcome.

once we recognize our ultimate outcome is decomposition,
we can build a more well-thought out home during our visit,
a well thought out home is resistant to forms of marketing in which,
an elaborate series of surface images hide an inconvenient truth,
the costs of suspending them before our eyes,
the costs of building something far larger than we need,
because of a view far shorter than we can see.

i am driven by nothing other than making as small an impact as i can,
becoming as lightweight, feathering down a slow decent,
tickling those whose cheeks i slip over,
until i land softly on the back of an aging ant,
and not even leave a scratch.