Just beyond my reach


someday, i’ll tell you about this.

tonight is some day.

i first saw it hanging there, not long after i saw her standing there,
under its bigger brother,
under a load she had tried to dislodge from her heart,
but couldn’t, until she came to us,
and we pulled it out with a lithe feather,
just reached in, softly, while telling a bedtime story,
with waves trickling over a fluffy beach,
dolphins springing from an emerald surface,
where one day she’d fall asleep with a smile on her face,
and wake up laughing.

we have a knack for being in the right place at the right time,
all places are the rights ones,
all times, all spaces,
it’s all one fabric blending,
a yogaverse of color, and breath.

funny how we can make others feel better than we can ourselves,
but this is the gift of the healer,
who – while hanging there himself –
once heard the cries of those below, saying,
“physician, heal thyself.”

if i heal myself,
then how will i know how the suffering feel?
if i seek to be problem free,
well adorned, adored and dangling on a golden chain,
who will understand the most beaten of souls?