mother goddess of the universe


the bird who woke me up this morning, was the same bird of my childhood,
in whom i understood i was not alone in the world,
and the world was inside me.

though i am 53 now, the bird has lived on within me,
migrated over worlds and time,
to remind me she takes care of us all,
and the smallest in the world,
are the biggest.

my goals in life are small,
to see how much love i can feel, how much i can give,
how true i can be to the smallest among us,
who settle on our outstretched hands,
alight on our dresses,
feed at our breasts,
live through us.

if i could go back in time to a certain day,
i know exactly the day i would travel to,
what i would wear,
how i would enter the room,
the size of the smile on my face.

i would start with a soft voice,
i would follow with open arms,
an open heart,
i would allow words to slip directly from my soul,
and like the birds she cares for,
my touch would tickle her belly.