the origin of blossoming


there was a time in my life where i would have seen this as a painting,
a watercolor to be exact, of a reality called dahlias.

in those days i might have commented on the style,
the technique, used some art terminology to capture the artists capturing,
of this thing in reality called dahlias.

but now i don’t see it that way at all,
i see the universe is very creative,
and in its creativity are a variety of forms,
and techniques,
methods to create something from something else,
texture, dimensionality,
organization of course,
water and sunlight,
blood in the form of nutrients,

in its creativity the universe has developed many amazing forms,
and the tendency to see any of them as the original, is unoriginal,
just like these painted dahlias were inspired by a form,
so were the dahlias they copied,
also inspired by other, previous previous forms,
but none of them are the original,
the original is the moment we see it,
feel what we feel,
admiration, excitement, perhaps nothing,
the original is the moment of experience,
which continues to evolve over time,
so in the end there is no original moment,
just blossoming and blossoming and blossoming.

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