Black Buddha Crying


you see how everybody is trying to get to the top,
but i don’t know where the top is,
if the universe is 14 billion years old,
and if everyone traveled at the speed of light for that long,
they still would not reach the top,
because there are only sides,
top implies bottom,
bottom implies gravitational pull,
and what’s pulling anything at the edge of the universe?

but in trying to get to the top,
everything explodes,
everyone loses their hands and feet,
yet they continue to climb,
while the icon of peace cries,
and the tools of destruction wage on.

my only ambition is peace,
and in peace i find equality,
and in equality i do not race to get ahead,
but find a place in a line of my own choosing,
and wait patiently for my turn to greet the gatekeeper,
who places a soft kiss on my cheek,
when in passing through i wander under.

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