in this we have a self portrait,
an artist gone political for three months in support of a candidate with a local art agenda,
they lost, of course, but they won envy-green faces, tired throats, bloated eyes and their mouths were raw for months after.

aspirations change us from time to time and we embark on something we think we believe in,
but maybe not suited for us,
and this is how we feel after being exposed to the tyranny of ambition,
of getting more of something we aren’t sure of,
when there is so much we are.

what are you sure of?
what am i sure of?
will we paint our faces in steel frames after our attempts disappoint us?

jim carrey said it quite well in a graduation speech given somewhere maharashta-like,
if we can fail at what we don’t want,
why not try at something we do?

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