y-about us

we put a ‘y’ here so it would be the last link in the menu,
why, because that’s the question everyone asks,
“who are you and what do you do”
though we feel obligated to have an answer,
we struggle not to,
what we are is careful not to allow any assumption to predict our next move,
because when one seeks to innovate,
one must have as little in the tool chest as possible.

at lotushead we don’t have so clear an idea of who we are,
and we don’t have too much need to define what we are,
or where we are going,
if anywhere.

what constitutes the staff at lotushead is that we have advised companies, and company leaders;
we have been brand managers, and techno-geeks,
we are male and female,
we have advised people on how to be healthy, or try to,
we have collected art,
and sold it (including many you see inside this site);
we have taught people in universities;
in board meetings;
at heath retreats;
in the second floor rooms of pueblo bars;
on the grassy peasant floors along the Jialing;
near dongas;
naam talay;
ein schloss,
and at other places or other forms,
and we’ve written, and written again,
books, brochures, speeches, marketing materials,
positioned, polished and lied,
we do what’s asked of us, and trust,
even a computer application or two,
we’ve done much, really, for which we don’t take credit, or care to,
forms come and go, but beyond them is our impulse to create.

what gives is our competitive advantage is that we do not have one,
we are open, opening, wide awake, alert, disenfranchised,
expanding to include what we can’t predict, and wouldn’t try to,
on the other side of doors we cannot see,
are worlds we cannot imagine.

there have been many dark nights along the way,
opening has no objective other then itself,
letting go, being let go,
abandonment, abandoning,
losing, gaining, falling, rising,
like waves we propagate through space,
where it ends,
it never ends.

if you have stumbled upon this site,
be assured that if nothing else,
we love you.